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Joshua Tree

35 mm film photography

New York

35 mm film photography

Cape Cod

35 mm film photography

Digital Photography


the Board

-Based in New York


-10 years of Professional Photography Experience

-Freelance Photojournalist for Paper Magazine

-4 years as a freelance Concert Photographer for Time Out Magazine, Chicago

-4 Solo Exhibitions

-9 years a Headshot and Portrait Photographer

-8 years a Dance,Theater,Music,Event,Travel, Documentary,

 and Street Photographer

-Obama Election Night 2008, Hillary Clinton Election Night 2016, Republican  National Convention 2016, Protests, Marches, Ralley's,  Documented train travel  across the United States, immersive process documentation in theater and dance, Lollapalooza, Northcoast music festival, Spring  awakening, as well as Concerts at united Center and  Soldier Field.

-Check out the Books

     Meronymy : Oral History and Portraits of Chicago Theater 

     Suddenly Overwhelmed

     InPlace Magazine

     Collection of Street Photography

     Collection of Photojournalism


Barack Obama Election night 2008 : Grant Park, Chicago 

Online Portfolio

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