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Fight and Stunt Direction Reel


An attempt to write, act, direct, and shoot a film in one week, Ryan is currently in the post production stages, pulling a narrative out of this experimental film. Clay is an exercise is exploring a process in telling visual stories, by molding and shaping a lump of original content. Pulled from real experiences, and set to a plot that reflects narratives he's lived, all that can be said about this project right now, is that it definitely exists.

Wind and The Why

Wind and The Why

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-Shot, and edited/directed 4 Music Videos for the band Wind & the Why

Created by Ryan Bourque, Written by Brett Neveau, and directed by Alex Thompson, and Bourque, this pilot presentation was produced in 2017, and filmed in Chicago. It also featured stunt and Fight Coordination by Ryan.


Eddie Jemison

Brad Smith

Adithi Chandrasheckar

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