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Fight Choreographer

Represented by Ben Izzo : Abrams Agency

Management: Wetzel Entertainment Group

 "I thought the fight work in Recent Alien Abductions, and Melto Man at the Humana Festival was about the best I'd ever seen anywhere"

David Rabe, Playwright

The Glory of the World-Directed by Les Waters and Written By Chuck Mee

Bold Collaborative Ensemble Generated Character Based Story Driven

"It’s not often that you see fight choreography this masterful or executed so well"

       Melissa Chipman, Insider Louisville, On Macbeth


On The Violence in Macbeth

On Violence and Intimacy design

On Staging Hockey Choreography

On staging Riot Scene In Hit The Wall

Review quotes:

"He is immediately smacked in the face with a metal bowl. This begins an epic 14-minute battle royal (brilliantly choreographed with painstaking detail by Ryan Bourque). Papers fly through the air, blood is spilt, and a man runs around the stage naked as others threaten to sodomize him with a toilet plunger."

Zachary Stewart-Theater Mania, on Glory of the world.

 "Skating is so fast, and it's thrilling to watch them whiz across the space"

Jill Schafer-BroadwayWorld on The Abominables

The Glory Of The World, Directed by Les Waters, Written by Chuck Mee



Wire Work/flying, Stilts, Stunts & Physical Moments, and Intimacy Design

Rapier and Dagger, Knife, Unarmed, Boxing, Broadsword, Fencing, Small Sword, Quarter Staff, Sword and Shield, Firearms, On Stage Hockey, Special Effects.